Equinox, duality of light and darkness.

Equinox is the time at which the sun is perpendicularly above the equator, where day and night are exactly twelve hours long. There is of course a duality between light and darkness, in a metaphorical sense I mean. Architecture is never about the violence of the city it shows by definition always the sunny side of the world an ideal or even a utopia but the real city exists by reason of this duality, the city is a combinationof chaos and order, to meet somebody or to get mugged.

The work can be read on two scales. At first the viewer sees it as a one to one object, a series of candleholders. We use it to create light and without light there is no place. It creates a feeling of security, hominess we seem to need. It is also a symbol of live and death if we think of parties, religious rituals and funerals. The second level is that of a scaled model, utopian objects placed in a grid, the icons of a visionary city. They are independent and at the same time familiar to each other by the repetition of shapes and details. They remind me of cathedrals, chimneys, skyscrapers, offices, fortifications and so on, all those parts a city is made of over time. It shows the city as a place of uncontrolled speculation, expressions of power. This tension between this big unreliable world and that of comfort and hominess comes together in this work. Equinox is an alphabet of meanings that we don’t understand but we still can recognise.


It consist of twenty four unique candle holders made from ceramics, finished in dark matt colours. The objects are placed in a grid of four by six. Specs: 24 candlesticks. Different dimensions, from 17 cm up to 65 cm. Total: 7 meters by 5 meters.


Each object is placed in a newspaper photo, which shows a landscape of destruction. Natural disasters like earthquakes, tornados or fire that destroyed our trusted worlds. Only the Candleholder building stands up, unbreakable.

Equinox, is selected for la biennale di Venezia and will be exhibited  from 7 June until 23 November 2014.

SCI_Woordbeeld_EN_1regel_RGB  the exhibition was partly funded by Stimulerings fonds