About the sculpture:
Spain in general and the area of Murcia in particular has been a frontera, 
a frontier in two particular periods; the period of the Hispanic Arabs and 
the period of tourism starting in the 60ties.
These periods of change, of exchange of knowledge and of money, 
performs as the theoretical background of this work. 
History in the making happens not in the core but at the edge 
of the geographical field of history, the borderline between 
one power and the other.
The history of Europe was once determined by the period of conquista 
followed by the reconquista, old knowledge was passed through from 
one power to the next.
It is mirrored many centuries later by the exchange between Spain and northern Europe, 
the discovery of Spain as a tourist destination. 
In the 60ties the karawan is replaced by the caravan. 
This work connects both these periods to the present. 
It creates a space for exchange, place to meet.
This a place of the present and at the same time it is a place of history.

Golden Glow
Through the centuries the sandstone buildings has gained an exquisite golden glow. 
Applying fine gold leaf inside these buildings was a method 
to increase the reflection of light.
In our present time the same effect can be applied with Photo-luminescent stone. 
This material connects and emphasizes, 
the Spanish history with gold, sun & sandstone buildings.
Karawan is made of sandstone that glows in the dark. 
It aluminates a place within the space of the park which lights up at night.

Award : First prize, international sculpture competition
Sculpture real size [15 metres by 15 metres] will be build at Levante Art Park.
Sculpture scale model is part of the collection of The Gabarron Foundation.
The fifty best design will be exhibited in a travelling exhibition (Spain and United States),
exhibition starts November 2013, Murcia Spain.
More information about Sculpture competition & Levente Art Park : The Gabarron
Master-plan Park designed by K/R architect New York : www.krnyc.com

Cristóbal Gabarrón , Sculptor|Joel Shapiro, Sculptor|
Petra Joos, Chief conservator of the Guggenheim Bilbao|
John Keenen, K/R Architect , Masterplan|Terry Riley, 
K/R Architect , Masterplan|Kosme Barañano, Director de la Cátedra 
de Metodología