Symbols of Victory - Installation 2013
The name of the installation directly refers to the PX symbol [which means: with this sign you’ll 
conquer] and the religious cross.As a starting point for this installation I took the history 
of the PX symbol.

“Emperor Constantine had dreamt of being ordered to put a “heavenly divine symbol” on the shields 
of his soldiers. The description of the actual symbol chosen by Emperor Constantine the next 
morning resembles a Chi-Rho, (in this sign you will conquer). That very day Constantine’s army 
fought the forces of Maxentius and won the Battle of the Milvian Bridge (312), outside Rome.”

The ‘Teddy-bear’ in middle, has the shape of a religious cross. 
Twelve ceramic PX symbols are situated on the ground, placed around the cross.
In front them there is a sand shaped mountain with on top a jihad flag.
At the back, gold leaf commercial boxes folded up to a cross.

Exhibited at TINA B. Festival - GASK Gallery - Kutná Hora -Prague- Czech Republic
From 22-6-2013 / 28-08-2013 Curator: Monika Burian Jourdan Vernon Gallery- Prague
Group-exhibition Artists: Andreas Kopp, Alex Rinesch, Eric Goulder, Dana Volkert, Kit Reisch, 
Kota Hiratsuka, Francisco Iglesias, Nastja Säde Rönkko, Roni Ben Ari, Phillip and Patricia 
Semprez,Susanne Rottenbacher, Petra Valentová, Yvo Jacquier, Veronika Wünsc.