2021 – ongoing

Moving Sculpture has a performative character. The work consists of a number of balloons filled with helium. They let pieces of plastic float through the room.

The work responds to the movement in the air. By people walking by, windows a crack, doors opening and closing. Small movements are already picked up by the object.

The shape of the work is variable. On location I look for suitable pieces of plastic that I find on the street or that is residual waste from the exhibition. Depending on what I find & the space where the work will move, I choose the number of balloons, size and color together with the material found.


Moving Sculpture at W139 during Soro-sorO 2 organised by Mariko Hori – performer Mica Pan  – 2022


Moving Sculpture at W139 during Soro-sorO 2 – performers Hori & van der Meijs  – 2022


Moving Sculpture at Gallery Bouwput during the exhibition ‘On Empirical Grounds’ – 2021