Newspaper Hat is an action-live video. It shows two blue hands unfolding a paper hat into his origin shape of a newspaper.
This innocent act gets a different meaning if you take a closer look at the newspaper news itself.
The newspaper is written in dutch. One side contains a picture of soldiers and behind them a military helicopter . The uniforms of the soldiers they belong to the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces.

Newspaper Hat is part of the game Telephone, initiated by Satellite Collective curated by Nathan Langston.
This game works almost exactly like the kids’ game “telephone,” also known as operator, ear-to-ear, and many other names the world over. One player devises a message, and that message is whispered to the next person, who whispers it to the next and the next.
More than 300 artists from 156 cities in 41 countries and 39 U.S. states played this game.