The title how do i is a reference to the process of making art. It refers to the reflection and questioning of my work. A series of new and previously made pieces come together in a fluid setup that started at the beginning of the residence at the IK Foundation.

The goal was to investigate how the multidisciplinary works of art communicate with each other. By
constantly changing the context I wanted to test the work, to see what their common ground was. How does work, with different forms of expression and from different years, respond to each other when they are merged into one space?
I have experimented with adjustments and how the work has to be shown. An example of this is Commercial Crosses, this work took on a new form as a space-filling installation, also new work has been created such as The Giant, Shadows, Long Short, Chain Link and this publication.

During the residency, professionals from the art field travelled to the IK pavilions to talk about the presented work, art in general and inspirations. These were exciting but also clarifying conversations. Special thanks to Tom van den Berge and Joyce van Elzakker, Edwin van der Heide, Joost Hesseling & Madeleine Klis, Maartje Korstanje and Winnie Teschmacher.

Eventually five main arrangements came into existence, images of these five arrangements including the final exhibition come together in this artist publication. The black and white images are diary photos, they show my stay at the pavilions and the making of new works.

Residence / 2 March to 29 April 2018
Exhibition how do i / 29 April to 3 June 2018