Based in Amsterdam / Zandvoort

My work is multidisciplinary, the choice of material is determined by the concept. The works often consist of series. In an animated world, 25 frames make a second and form together a moving image. The physical images that I make are also a kind of animations for me, each image is a frozen still together they become the ‘story’.

I experienced autonomous art as a liberation because art can be dysfunctional and have a meaning at the same time. I can refer to a world that we know, but is not familiar. The work is certainly meaningful, but has no function of itself. And: it can evoke something that wasn’t there before. One of the main themes in my work is Time, through folding and unfolding a renewed interpretation of the starting point arises. I’m not trying to register the past as it was, I’m is not a ‘melder of traces’, like Beuys. ‘I’m trying to put that which is in the past into a new perspective – so that it can become something else.’

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